Why I blog…

My name is Travis Furlow and the writings posted on this site are my opinions and focus on the dedication required to achieve “balance” (from the perspective of a 43 year old father, brother, son, husband, employee and amateur philosopher).  I’ve been an unbalanced soul for years and my “bottom out”, which reignited my passion for achieving balance, is the brief story that follows.

Like so many, I struggle with balancing my time, my fatherhood, my husbandry (is that a word) and being a successful leader of people.  In late 2015 (while rocking nearly 300lbs from too many cocktails, airport meals and limited steps-according to my FitBit), my son  approached me (as I was on the couch following a business trip) and he asked me to play catch.  Simple request on a beautiful day and  I chose to NOT play.  My reason for  denying this experience was embarrassment and shame and I felt both because I was unable to muster the energy, the stamina or the desire (not desiring to play with one of my children was the soul crusher).  The real challenge was telling him about my embarrassment and shame and asking for some time to change (an IOU of sorts).  Time to wake up and begin collecting positive experiences, right?  Although my years of poor decisions had led to a “spiral” of sorts, I never let go of the belief that the beauty in our lives is worth the painful stops on the journey, so I accepted the fact that choosing balance (mentally, physically and spiritually) would be a good change and this change would foster better times for me and everyone I encounter.  I started moving more, I became more productive with work, I ate things that were green and drank more water than 18 year old scotch.  I began holding myself accountable for living and my lack of balance started to dissipate.  I’m beginning to experience true balance (and abundance) and I often thought these two things were impossible to attain, simultaneously.

I intend for my posts to provoke thought, reflection and a few laughs.  In short, I want to remind those who may forget… that you can “play catch” with whomever wants to play with you, too!

Oh yeah-  “about me”…  I live in Dearborn, Michigan (15 miles west of Detroit), have been married for 18 years and my wife and I have 3 children together. I work in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry as the president of a growing firm and I’ve earned degrees from Western Michigan University (Psychology) and the University of Detroit-Mercy (MBA).  When I’m not golfing, training, working or playing family guy, I enjoy dressing up in a toga and being a part-time philosopher.   Socrates…after all, has said, “wisdom begins with wonder” –  Enjoy!

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