It’s as easy as…

It’s been 15 months as the president of Clinical Magnet and I’ve learned so much about business, about healthcare in the U.S. and about what it takes to put on 50 pounds in 18 months (yes-not an exaggeration- FIVE ZERO). I’ve learned how to be a better leader of people and I’ve learned how fragile balance can be. And, ironically, how easy it can be to achieve.

I recently mentioned the ease in which one can choose balance, so I’d like to argue with myself and counter with the question, “Why do so many of us choose the opposite of balance”? Please start a list comprised of the people you know (include yourself, if applicable) who struggle with getting everything done, showing up on time, appreciating the life around them and attempting to look totally calm (while they are a train wreck on the inside).  The numbers will blow you away. That list is HUGE, isn’t it? So here we are. A group of people, living beautiful lives with miserable feelings and all the while, I sit here and tell you that balance is a pretty simple choice?!?

My personal story isn’t widely different than others; I worked too much, I didn’t hang with my family, I ate too much, I gained weight, I lost weight, repeat. Some of you have read my story in previous posts, so as a quick refresher…I’ve enjoyed being a seeker of balance and I hid that passion (for years) while pretending to be someone and something I’m not (the “for years part” equates to the bulk of my college years, 20’s and 30’s and I appeared more comfortable tipping the scales toward “unbalanced” and then blamed work or other aspects of life, so as a mechanism of defense, I became really good at numbing my personal and professional challenges with food and booze and then empowered those decisions to wreak havoc on my overall health. I’m not going to be a victim and blame my travel or my industry or my job or my kids or my family. That wouldn’t be fair and it makes more sense, to me, to get introspective and embrace that my own insecurities, my own self-doubt and the space between my ears led to the discomfort that starts the vicious cycle of eating or drinking away the frustration.

So here we are…12 months after my last post and I’ve rebuilt my blog (the story behind the change is on my “why I blog” section) and my interests and passions are around spreading the story of how I chose balance during a year that clearly called for buckets of scotch, chicken wings and food induced naps. The results from this year away from writing…I have achieved peace and balance. I have never been more peaceful or balanced with my marriage, my children, my career, my health, my friendships, my golf game, my bank account and that list can go on as long as it would like. It’s time to share stories, time to reflect on the collection of amazing experiences and time to help others who may struggle with the same story and who may have an interest in breaking the cycle and making the simple and powerful decision to be free and balanced.

I leave you with a bit of my very own poetry…

“They filled over time- these buckets of burden. Always with me and still…I refuse to give in! Will he? Won’t he? Onward we march, keep moving! What’s that in the distance? It feels peaceful- how do I get there? My friend…set down those buckets and peace will be yours.”