You should wash your…

I just washed my 2003 Ford Focus, which has affectionately been named “meep meep” in our family, due to the powerfully majestic, trumpet-like sound the horn makes when honked. I couldn’t help but smile after washing the car because it is so damn satisfying to have a clean vehicle.

I’m a car wash junkie. End of story. Not the run of the mill, little self serve shit washes, I’m talking about the overpriced, eleven different waxes, and a crew of 20 that make you feel like you’ve just entered the pit at Talladega car washes. This afternoon, a team of 9 worked on my car and after this team of automotive cleansing technicians finished up on my “ride”, I began to think about how truly wonderful it is to not have to worry about snow, slush or ice for the next 8 months (now that I’ve typed this, it will probably snow 1 more time in Detroit), but you get the drift.

There is something therapeutic about taking a dirty car and getting her cleaned, dirty laundry and getting it washed, folded and replaced from where the clothes came or to take that dirty pile of dry cleaning into the cleaners, knowing full well that they will be returned to you in a matter of days, hanging in the crisp and clean fashion I have grown to love.

You see- I love the energy that little accomplishments generate. Ever so small and subtle, they motivate me. Chaos to order, dirty to clean, wrinkled to crease…all of these examples work back to the power of accomplishment. Too often, I find myself looking so far down life’s path; I tend to forget about the power of the little action, which leads to the little accomplishment. String enough of those little accomplishments together and you have most likely completed a solid project (and then the energy and mojo really pick up steam). Once you pull a couple of projects to completion, you’ve begun the process of epic change…and that’s powerful.

It is hard to bring big change to fruition, so my advice on this fine afternoon…start with little accomplishments (at work or in your personal life) and before you know it, your world will change in the way you may have intended.