Kiss my %$# Monday!

Where are my “Monday” people?  Come on.  I know you are out there, so if you are…please feel free to comment on this article (I can use the support).

Monday people are an interesting group.  They are, without question, some of the most entertaining people I know and they are also some of the most charismatic, engaging, talented and energized people I know too.  Monday people have a special talent and I know this, because I am a Monday person.

You ask, “What the hell is a Monday person”?  Well…here it goes.  Monday people have a change they want to make, but they carry an Achilles heal.  Monday people might need to lose weight, they might want to get organized, they might want to adjust an attitude or they could have interest in focusing in on their work.  As I said earlier, they are an eclectic group, so their vice could be any number of things.  I know all of this because I have been and still battle with being (insert dramatic music)…a Monday person.

Weight is one of my favorite things to talk about.  Some times I put it on, sometimes I take it off, but regardless of what the scale says, I always love to talk about it.  Let me put you in my shoes for a minute.  Have you ever decided to lose 5, 10 (or in my case) 61 pounds?  If you have been motivated to lose weight for an upcoming party, a reunion, a spring break trip or…because the “fat guy” pants you keep on the far right side of your closest (as a safety net in case you accidentally pack on a few pounds) are getting tight…and they are the pants with the waist that is two inches larger than all of the other pants in your closet, so you never get trapped into hitting the local Men’s warehouse on a random Monday night because you have nothing to wear to work (stretchy pants are apparently inappropriate in my professional services firm) you’ll feel my pain.

How could that ever happen you ask?  Let me tell you.  Monday people are the type who decide (typically on a Thursday or Friday) that MONDAY will be their day of change (a universal alignment of energy…if you will), and Monday will be the day where that energy will converge and help guide us to the perfect behavior, which leads us to the desired result (61 pound weight losses).  In short, on Monday we will begin anew, so…HELL YES I CAN EAT THE LARGE PIZZA, after all, it’s only Friday and knowing this is the LAST time I’ll eat like this until my weight comes off, I “deserve” to eat what ever I want (so pass the chicken wings too).  Thank you Monday, thank you!  That is precisely why Monday people need to keep “fat guy pants” in our closets…just sayin’.

Monday people come in all shapes and sizes (no pun intended).  As I said, my Monday struggle is usually weight based.  I know people who struggle with wanting a “new attitude” on Mondays, people who are going to get “organized” on a Monday and people who decide that they are going to “love their work” on a Monday.  It doesn’t matter what your psychological poison is, the idea of putting things off until Monday will do this to you (it rhymes with YUCK FOO).

I have learned that putting things off is a horrible way to live.  It is too easy to delay a change in behavior for a few days because we are hiding from the inevitable.  Change is going to be uncomfortable.  Yes, for some period of time, we will be uncomfortable while we change.  I know this because I have been able to change some major behaviors in my short time on this planet and each of them took planning, discipline and support from those around me.  So…here I sit on a Saturday night and my 61 pounds still needs to come off.  If you are looking to change some kind of behaviour or routine in your life, join me in throwing up the middle finger to Monday mornings and let’s get started right now (well…maybe in a few more minutes, I have one last cold piece of pizza to eat before I go to bed).

Change is a good thing my friends, so if you want to change something in your life, I promise you this…you’ll have to do something different, but once you do, the energy that you gain should help keep you pointed to your goals (whatever they may be).

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