Why “Stop the Chase” exists…

I have been “blogging” for a couple of years and although most of my writing has been industry specific, I did use the blogosphere for a short period of time to share details of my personal struggles with life, work and family.  During that time, I was introduced to a number of people who seem to be on a similar “journey”, a journey motivated by a search for balance, peace, simplicity and humility.  This blog was created with the intent of helping other people through the sharing of thoughts, opinions and experiences.  This blog, Stop the Chase, is going to have weekly posts, regular links & uploads along with the occasional personal opinion piece targeted at helping others “find balance” with the various aspects of life (parenting, work, relationships and financial).

I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to pass this blog around and if you know of other links that could add value, share them with me and I’ll ensure they get posted regularly.

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